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Jomar T. Sadie, PGDip-TS

Chargé d'affaires, Philippine Embassy, Baghdad, Iraq

LEAPS Academy's Post Graduate Diploma in Terrorism Studies, offered online, is an opportunity not to miss at this day and age of uncertainty, may you be situated in Baghdad or Paris, directly involved in security concerns as a professional, or a layman out to be better equipped to protect country and family.


In a world were knowledge is easily accessible, our grit to be better informed will determined our success against fear, the very weapon of terrorists. I encourage the apprentice in you to dedicate a portion of your time each day and finish this course, fully knowing, that somewhere out there, in a secluded desert corner, or a crowded city, a terrorist with far less time than you have and far less resources, is also educating himself for his goals. And by all means, we must outsmart him.



Dandy Ferriol, PGDip-SRM

2008 Country’s Outstanding Policemen in Service (COPS) Awardee

I joined the corporate security after my retirement from the Philippine National Police. I took up Post Graduate Diploma in Security and Resiliency Management at LEAPS Academy. It was my honest intention to add a feather in my cap. I really did not expect that PGDip-SRM could offer me knowledge and skill above and beyond my expectations.


It was the best platform in preparing myself to address security issues in the corporate world. On my first day attending the course, I was somehow surprised that I was already mingling with security matter experts in the industry, including my classmates. The highlight of the course was the time we had our TED Talk. I enjoyed attending the whole duration of the course. It was such a fulfilling experience. I recommend this course to everyone who wishes to make a difference in their career.



Maria Christina Cecelia

C. Hernandez

Third Secretary and Vice Consul

Philippine Embassy in Tripoli, Libya

I strongly recommend LEAPS Academy's Post-Graduate Diploma in Applied Criminology, even for people who aren't criminologists. The Paralegal Studies class equipped me with an understanding of the Philippine Criminal Justice System, which differs from the criminal justice system where I grew up. What I learned there enabled me to file a case against the man who had stalked and harassed me for two years, and effectively ended the stalking. With that problem aside, I was able to focus on my career.


The Post Graduate Diploma in Terrorism Studies and Security and Resilience Management courses helped prepare me for working in a war zone, and equipped me to do my utmost to ensure the safety and security of my colleagues and myself.



JO2 Jose Elmer A Colantro, LPT, POE (CS)

Bureau of Jail Management and Penology

LEAPS Academy provides not only quality online instructions, but also advances the standard of professional continuing education. Through the efforts of great mentors and the availability of valuable modular teaching methodologies, I was able to discover and learn more about investigations. It helped me gain sufficient knowledge that definitely contributory for planning my future courses of action, in any formal examinations and in the areas of research.


I encourage everyone to enroll at LEAPS Academy. It’s worth to gain online instructional experience that would make you a better investigator.



Rocky Bangcoyo,


Registered Criminologist

Former Police Officer

LEAPS Academy maximized the utilization of Values, Skills, Knowledge and Experiences! I am very proud and blessed to have mentored here, especially during this crucial times.


If you're also thinking how to create a significant contribution in your field, at the same time, pursue professional growth, get your edge here! Grab this online program! Many of us have done and finished it! If we can do it, of course, YOU CAN DO IT!


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